Lens and accesories

Hi, i have been using DJI Phantom 4 Pro with Pix4D an everything has been working well, now my client wants me to map an area but with a camera mounted on a manned helicopter.

So i am thinking of buying a Nikon D810 but i can not decided what would be the best focal length and aperture for fixed lens. Usually we will be flying at 500 feet AGL. What lens do you recommend me 

Also could you please recommends me a mounting kit for DSLR cameras in a helicopter, probably i have to rent a Bell 206 or a Robinson 44.


Hi Erik,

Did you make decision on the lens and what has been your experience.

I am looking to do a helicopter flight at 1000ft of a small (0.5km2) but want high res (5cm max)

Also how did you go with geotagging the images?