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GoPro Hero 8 Camera settings

Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up a gopro hero8 black, to start integrating into some projects. I am curious if anyone knows what the camera settings should be for the fish eye lens. The version of mapper I have only has settings for the perspective lens of the Hero8. Any help is appreciated. I have processed a couple test projects and have noticed there a bunch of noise and am wondering if the default settings could be a cause with the fisheye lens being used. Anyone have experience with the hero8?

Thanks a ton!


Hey jason,

You might have to go through the camera calibration procedure for fisheye lens cameras. This will enable you to add a camera model of your Hero8 with fisheye lens to your user camera database in Pix4Dmapper and use it to run your projects.

The article mentions a grid flight plan, but if you acquire terrestrial data just make sure you have enough overlap between the images you take and you model something with texture (i.e. not homogeneous). You could probably use the project you did your first tests with, add a few manual tie points, load the optimized parameters, try again, if the camera model does not change too much anymore you might have found the one you can save for your camera database. To make sure it is not “overfitting” on that dataset, you could try with one more dataset to validate the camera model.

What kind of projects do you plan to do?

Planning to mostly use it for modelling structures such as bridges, or things like bank erosion or bank protection(riprap). So not crazy large areas.

Hi Jason,

would it be possible that you attach the quality report (.pdf) and screenshots of the area with a lot of noise.

This will give us more information to determine if the issue is the camera calibration or something else.