Can X5s Autofocus with Inspire 2 and Pix4DCapture

I had used X4 with Inspire 1 and Pix4DCapture,but photos were out of focus.Can X5s Autofocus with Inspire 2 and Pix4DCapture?If you can, please send some photo samples by X5S to my email(


Pix4Dcapture supports Inspire 2 on both Android and iOS. At the moment we have tested it with X4S and it is fully supported. However, we have not tested X5S but we expect the camera to trigger pictures as expected. Several users reported that it successfully worked.

Regarding the focus, it should be constant for all missions during the flight and defined according the following rules by Pix4Dcapture. There is no need for user intervention.

Inspire 2 is a special case to set the focus.

* Android: The drone goes to the first way point of the mission and the camera makes an auto-focus on the current view. The resulting focus is then applied to all images during the flight.

* iOS: A default predefined focus is applied so that the captured images are as if they were focused on infinity.

Blurry images not only happen because of out of focus. The exposure time can also create blur. Since the exposure is supposed to be constant over the flight (automatic DJI exposure), changing light conditions can negatively impact the quality of the images.

Something that you could try is to open DJI GO (4), set Manual Focus, then move the slider in DJI GO (4) to set the focus to Infinity. Open Pix4Dcapture, start the mission as per normal. This could give better results depending on the area you want to map.

Hope it helps!

Hi, I used Inspire 2 X5S on mapping and some of the images are not focused enough to generate a sharp orthophoto.

What can I do to improve my deliverables.


Hi, Does the fpv camera of inspire 2 can take photos during mapping using pix4d capture?.


I would suggest that you decrease the exposure time in DJI GO 4. What version of Pix4Dcapture are you using?
You can find more information on this active thread: (Android, iOS) Camera focus and DJI exposure time.

We do not have any feedback about this camera. I would suggest that you try to fly a mission with Pix4Dcapture. The Inspire 2 will fly but the images might not be triggered. Please let us know how it goes.

@Julie, are there any updates on this problem, It is sad to say that I have been using pix4d capture for Inspire 2 with X5s camera for already 6 months but focus is always a problem. And with all due respect, I am used to flying fixed wing with point & shoot camera that I manually set all the camera settings so I am pretty sure that there is no problem with exposure time. And maybe what your saying is the “shutter speed”, Shutter speed is usually between 1/800 to 1/1600 cause any lower than 1/800 and it will be blurry @ speed of I2 @36kph . I also ensures that I set ISO settings on low ISO so there will be noise and the only thing I can think to be the source of the problem is the focus settings.

On point & shoot camera, I set the focus to infinity""RICOH GRD - II or IV is the brand in case you want to validate my claims.  

There is really a problem with Pix4D capture on android and I heard that in iOS, pix4d capture automatically sets the focus to infinity and just waiting for it to be applied to Android version. Can you let us know when it can be done?


P.S. This really is a big issue for all the user, how can you expect us to purchase the desktop software if we cannot even use our drone to capture high quality image? Kindly relay this to the dev team. Thank you!

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I’m concerned that 4 months goes by without any comment from Pix4D.   Is this still a supported product?

I’m eager to try an Inspire2 with an X5s and the X7, but don’t feel like throwing money away on a subscription just to discover that it doesn’t work.

@ Roy, it looks like your question is duplicated. We answered the question here: Inspire 2 X5S Focus Problem

@Robert, the product is constantly evolving and we are implementing new features, supporting new drones and improving the current version.

The list of supported drones and cameras can be found here: (Android, iOS) Which drones are supported by Pix4Dcapture