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Inspire 2 X5S Focus Problem

are there any updates on this problem, It is sad to say that I have been using pix4d capture for Inspire 2 with X5s camera for already 6 months but focus is always a problem. And with all due respect, I am used to flying fixed wing with point & shoot camera that I manually set all the camera settings so I am pretty sure that there is no problem with exposure time. And maybe what your saying is the “shutter speed”, Shutter speed is usually between 1/800 to 1/1600 cause any lower than 1/800 and it will be blurry @ speed of I2 @36kph . I also ensures that I set ISO settings on low ISO so there will be noise and the only thing I can think to be the source of the problem is the focus settings.

On point & shoot camera, I set the focus to infinity""RICOH GRD - II or IV is the brand in case you want to validate my claims.  

There is really a problem with Pix4D capture on android and I heard that in iOS, pix4d capture automatically sets the focus to infinity and just waiting for it to be applied to Android version. Can you let us know when it can be done?

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Hi Roy,

At the moment we are not planning to change the focusing method for X5S. 

As a workaround, you can setup the focusing action to C1/C2 of the remote controller. Fly the drone to the first waypoint and press C1/C2 to focus. Then you can start the mission and use the camera view to see it the images are in focus.


Hi Roy,

Thank you for the detailed description of your workflow. I have no doubt that your experience with photography has helped you dial in on the optimal camera configuration.

I wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that you have manually calibrated your X5S’s focus. My understanding is that it is easy to miss the need to manually calibrate your camera. DJI’s User Manual refers to the calibration process on page 14.

In the meantime, please continue using the C1 or C2 option to invoke autofocus when your drone reaches its first waypoint.


I wanted to check and see what you have come up with.  I have the X5s as well and I am getting started with Pix4D.  I don’t want to waste time using the I2 if it simply does not work well with Pix4d.  I understand the X7 camera is GREAT but also very expensive as we can’t use our M43 lens.  So that is not an option for me.  

I have never actually calibrated my camera :0  Kind of overlooked that when I started flying.  So I will do that ASAP.  Just wanted to check with you and get your thoughts since you have been using your X5s and Pix4D for a while.  Any insight will be appreciated.

I also found this interesting post on DOF of the X5 camera.  I would assume that the same would apply to the X5s??

Hi Tim,

What I did initially was to switch to DJI Go4 after I uploaded the flight plan. Then on DJI Go, I set the picture to take at regular time interval(depending on your flying height).  And on the main screen of DJI Go, I set the Focus to infinity manually(MF) then you can click the infinity on the focus slider. This can be done after calibrating the focus of your X5S as what @Andrew have said on the post above.


Since it is new, you should calibrate it. 


But now, my workflow includes calibrating the focus on the flying height for the project so there’s no need to to press C1 or C2 for auto focus. I am just repeating this on start of a project.



What about doing oblique missions and photos?

Our workflow when doing oblique missions and photo does not need Pix4D. We just use free flight or waypoints on DJI Go 4.

There are a lot of intelligent flight modes available on DJI Go 4 for you to be able to obtain your desired oblique photographs.

There are some great tips here, thanks for posting.

I have the Inspire 2 with the X7 camera and 50mm lens for orthophotography.

My problem is that Pix4D Capture doesn’t recognize the camera when I try to upload the mission the vehicle. It gives me the yellow exclamation mark saying “Camera not set up”. I flew the mission anyway, but the camera does not trigger.

Are there any solutions to this? Thank you kindly in advance.


This isn’t specific to the X5s but with my X5 I set focus to infinity (or something greater than 30ft which is the approximate hyperfocal distance) then turn the physical switch to the lens to MF.  For mapping I don’t ever have a need to focus on something closer than 30 feet.  This workflow has eliminated all my problems with focusing for mapping missions.

Thanks Brian.  For the X5x there is no manual/auto switch on the camera.   It will be done raining in a day or two and I am going to head out and do some good testing to really hone in on best settings and just stay there.