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Manual Camera Selection

 I am trying out Pix 4D Capture.  I just shot 3 missions.  I am using an Inspire 1 with both an X3 and X5.  One first mission, i set camera settings in DJI GO, this was the X5 camera.  Then closed out the DJI, and opened Pix4d.  Shot the mission.  Pix set camera shutter speed to 60, i had it at 300.

Second mission with the X5, 100ft lower AGL, images were out of focus.

third mission, i used the X3 but went to DJI and set to auto.  then ran the mission.  Again shutter speed was at 60, but overexposed.

Question is, can I manually set camera parameters for flights using Pix4D Capture?


Hi Keith,

Changing the camera settings in DJI GO, or DJI GO 4 might be effective in the app but it is not guaranteed. This was not extensively tested. It also depends on the drone, camera, and type of mission. It is however expected that the changes are not taken into account when flying.

The camera settings are set to automatic so that the images are optimally captured to ensure a good reconstruction with Pix4D Desktop. The parameters are defined at the very beginning of the flight with the first image and remain the same until the end of the mission. The same settings apply to all images of the flight.

We would also recommend to reduce the speed of the drone and to fly in non-windy conditions in order to avoid blurry images.

As for the X5 out of focus, I would recommend making sure that the camera is calibrated as mentioned  here: and


your saying the camera setting do not change?  that cant be?  the iso does not change, the apeture will not change (x3) but my shutter speed changed.  i was wrong, ISO did change marginally.  As a photographer, i feel increasing the ISO up to 400 will be better than reducing shutter speed down to 100.  that is VERY slow for horizontal panning captures.

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im sorry, i am now talking about another mission, that i have a tech support request in for.  I decided no to use the x5, just too problematic.  I dont see how your software can set focus anyway, it needs to be manually set by pressing screen, or set in DJI go app prior, I havent tried to set it in manual, at the flight AGL yet.