No control over camera settings in Pix4D Capture Pro

According to this Release Note, at least the white balance should be controllable by setting it with DJI Go (4) before the mission.

I’ve just flown a mission with a Mavic 2 Pro and had set the white balance to daylight. But on the EXIF, all the images show that white balance was set to auto.

Is there a trick to doing this? Or is it just not possible to set.

For what it’s worth - I’m totally surprised at the inability for Pix4D Capture Pro to be unable to set the camera settings - or respect the settings that are already set. For proper photogrammetry, the camera requires much different settings than what Pix4D Capture Pro uses.

For example - white balance must not change - to preserve variation in coloration.

Shutter speed should be settable to much higher settings - 1/1000 sec to 1/2000 sec. This allows the drone to move much faster. As noted in my previous thread - the limitation on groundspeed posed by Pix4D Capture Pro is a major shortcoming.

Perhaps this sort of restriction is posed by the drone. But unless I can be convinced otherwise, I’ll need to find another mission planning tool.

Thank you.

This is the release note I’m referring to:


Have you reported this issue to PIX4D? I have the same issue with a P4P v2 and the shutter is stuck at 100, needs to be 1250 or 1600. Kind of a bummer, because it’s a nice app. I have full control on my EVO II Pro Enterprise, why not DJI drones? Do you think it’s because it’s the free version of the app?



Hi @joe.stroup and @droneviewgis ,

Camera white balance (WB) and exposure value (EV) can be customized in the flight view (enlarged mode only) when the drone is not performing a mission (manual flight or mission paused). The drone needs to be connected, and the “Camera Live View” has to be in full-screen mode. A camera icon should appear with the settings.
If it’s not there, it’s not supported by the SDK provided by the drone manufacturer.
The ability of modify the WB and EV settings are available to everyone. The kind of license (paid/free) has no impact.


I stand corrected, this app is terrible. The examples below are from the same mission. We absolutely need more control over the camera. Completely unusable and a waste of time. The grass goes from cartoon green, to dark, to very dark green, to almost black on some photos. Not a cloud in the sky.

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2



Same mission as above.

Same mission again. Very dark green grass.

The photos in @droneviewgis example are the type of things that occur if the white balance does not stay the same throughout a mission. As I recall, Pix4D capture now allows setting white balance - so @droneviewgis used this function the problem in his example may be caused by something else.

Regardless - camera control is essential.

Thanks Joe,

I had White Balance set to Sunny on my second run. For some reason, you have to pause a mission to access WB and Exposure, which is kind of strange.

I plan to go back to DD Flight App when I use the Phantom 4. DD allows users to set all proper settings in Go 4, close Go 4, then select Manual Exposure in DJI App.






I haven’t had a chance to try Drone Deploy yet. I’ve used Pix4D-Capture, Drone Harmony, Map Pilot Pro, DJI’s GS Pro.

So far, I’ve had the most success with GS Pro.

I recently learned how Agisoft Metashape can create flight missions to closely fly a building for making 3D models. There’s a YouTube video out there about this - and it’s done with a Phantom 4 and as I recall, GS Pro.

Good luck - I appreciate your comments.