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P4D capture with DJI Phantom 4 Pro


i am using P4D capture to acquire images in a lagoon (water, small islands, vegetation, rocks, water etc). In this scenario, acquired images are overexposed because camera is changing white calibration every shot.
Question is pretty much: if i run DJI Go to setup manual exposition, then i launch P4dcapture for automatic image acquisition along a grid, the white balance changes at each shot or is it kept for the entire mission? In few words: does P4dcapture control camera (focus, exposition) at each shot or not?

Thanks and kind regards

Hi Matteo,

Pix4Dcapture will set your camera’s exposure settings depending on your drone’s manufacturer.
The camera’s exposure settings are set to automatic so that the images are optimally captured to ensure a good reconstruction.


  • White balance: Automatic. This parameter adjusts for each image.

Tip: More flexibility is possible:

  • (Android) Changing the while balance in DJI GO (4) will apply during the flight with the app.

  • (iOS) Selecting the white balance as automatic, sunny or cloudy directly in the settings of the app.

  • ISO (auto, 100, 200, etc.): Automatic.

  • Sharpness: Standard.

  • Contrast: Standard.

  • Exposure compensation: Default.

  • Resolution: Maximum.

If you are using the iOS device, I would recommend using the Sunny option for white balance.