Pix4Dcapture is capturing over exposed images

I did a flight in the early morning over a field that was being prepared for sowing so the soil is completely visible. However, the images taken by Pix4Dcaptured are completely over-exposed. I had made the setting to Sunny for White Balance but that does not make much of a difference.

Is there anything that I can do to ensure that the images are not over-exposed?

Sample image can be downloaded from the following link:

Hello @omar.agrilift, I would suggest you go through the below support article,

The other thing that you could do before you start your mission, fly the drone to the image acquisition height and adjust the camera setting on the DJI GO app, and then do the mission.

Try checking the Exposure Value setting in the DJI app to see if you’ve accidently increased it.

It’s the bottom value in the settings and I believe there’s a ‘EV’ on the main screen that ranges between -3.0 and 3.0. Try setting it to zero.

The right side scroll wheel also changes/controls this value by default. You can change it in the DJI and Pix apps, though only the DJI app seems to let you see what it’s set to. It’s too easy to accidently change it when your finger rests on the wheel during a flight.

TLDR - Set your ‘EV’ value to zero.