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Over Exposure using P4P v1

I am having issues with over exposure of images using the capturapp with this drone.

I have recalibrated the vision through DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom. which has helped somewhat (as previously the overexposure would cause a white out and no data could be extracted.

We also have a P4P v2 which using the same settings and a similar phone (iPhone 12).

please see the link below.

the examples are not like for like missions but they were in similar conditions.

P4pv1 test


also please see below for a photo example of what the images were like before re calibration.

Processing: image.png…

thank you for your time and replies


Try opening DJI GO and take off to the altitude in which your PIX4d mission will be flown. Set the white balance to sunny or cloudy and leave it alone. I would recommend setting the camera to manual settings adjust your ISO (100-200), Shutter, and Focal length (f stop) to get your image balanced.

The biggest thing that will help you when mapping is flying on cloudy or overcast days, or golden hour.

Once you have all of that set then proceed into PIX4d and capture the mission.
I hope this helps!