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Different exposures

I am still struggling with images showing different exposures. I have full manual settings on DJI, I have White balance set to SUNNY on PIX4D app, and still I have wildly varying exposures on my images. It becomes a huge issue when working on farms, and I am so frustrated by the problem. I am using a P3P, all software fully up to date. 

Hi Mike,

The problem is that in very rare cases, the DJI camera does not handle correctly the WB, and even tweaking the parameter might not be sufficient to ensure homogeneous temperature among the images of the flight. However, it does not affect the reconstruction in Pix4D desktop but it can affect the visual aspect of the orthomosaic and the colors of the points in the rayCloud. 

Does it mean that Pix4D Capture ignores DJI Go camera setting and performs an “automatic” mode? If so, what are the criterias to set up the camera? Shutter speed, f number, ISO?

@Jose, changing the camera settings in DJI VISION, DJI GO, or DJI GO 4 should be effective in the Android app (only, not iOS for now) but it is not guaranteed as it was not extensively tested. It also depends on the drone, camera, and type of mission. The aperture and exposure time are automatically set by DJI but can be adjusted and should be taken into account. These settings impact the sharpness of the image.

More information here: Camera settings in Pix4Dcapture