Survey pictures are all white


I am flying phantom 4 pro with grid mission using Pix4DCapture (running on android 6.0). After the mission and downloading images I have found them all white. I also downloaded all images from SD card into PC just to be sure but all images are white and the size of each image is 700KBs. 
The camera settings in DJI GO app are all auto and I have taken pictures from this app which are perfect but somehow Pix4Dcapture fails to save them in correct camera settings. My guesses are that camera settings in Capture are overexposed. But still why the image size is in 700-706 KBs? 

I am doing an urgent project and stuck with this. I cannot find camera settings in Pix4D capture. 

When flying with Pix4Dcapture, default settings are applied by the app (more info).

As for aperture, we take into account the automatic DJI settings. This is not fixed over a flight as it vary with the light conditions. Same applies to the exposure time, automatically set by DJI and varying during the flight.

Could you perhaps check the exposure time option in DJI GO (4)? Pix4Dcapture will apply the value when flying a mission.