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Image format 3:2


I’m using Pix4Dcapture with Phantom 4 Advanced.

Project : Grid mission for 2D maps

I would like to use 3:2 image format (to get 20 Mp photos).

I first set this image format with Dji GO 4. If I take photos from DJI Go they are at 3:2 format. No problem.

Then I launch Pix4D and execute the mission.

When I check the resulting images, they are at 4:3 format (17.7 Mp)

Why is this parameter changed by Pix4D ?

My question : how can I capture 3:2 images with P4 Advanced ?

Hi Mario,

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is not officially supported from our side and I do not have the exact information which image ratio is applied.

From your description, I believe that the 4:3 image ratio is selected by default and cannot be changed to 3:2 even in DJI GO 4 app. 

I would recommend asking the users in the following post if they have more information about the behavior. 



Thanks for your reply.

I bought the P4 because it is a 20 Mp camera

Of course the image ratio 3:2 is the default to get 20 Mp images.

As described if I take photos with DJI GO they are at the right ratio. But when I use Pix4D the ratio changes to 4:3



Testing the android and IOS version I have come to conclusion when using IOS, and selecting Phantom 4 Pro (same camera as Advance) in the settings in Pix4dCapture the format is 3:2, when using Android the application doesn’t remember in the settings the Phantom 4 Pro and turns it back to Phantom 4 (different camera) and the picture taken are in 4:3.


Thanks a lot for the test. I’m happy to know that the image format remains 3:2 when using Ios. It is import because 3:2 format produces images of 20 Mp. 4:3 format produces images of 17.7 Mp

Unfortunately I’m using Android :

Before the flight I set parameters into DJI GO :

  • Mode S

  • Shutter speed : 1/1000

  • Image format : 3:2

After the Pix4D mission, these parameters are lost and return to mode A.

Before running the next mission I have to return to DJI GO.

Is it possible to correct this bug ?




@Adriano and Mario, many thanks for sharing your testings results and conclusions.

@Mario if my understanding is correct you succeed to fly a mission with the right camera settings on Android before the parameters are lost? 

Generally speaking, software development is always subjected to last-minute changes especially in the field of cutting-edge technology and the developer’s team is not considering at the moment to support officially the P4A and then to solve the bug you pointed out. 

I would suggest to consider testing your Phantom 4 Advanced’s compatibility with another third party mission planning application. At the same time, you can keep the latest version of Pix4Dcapture installed on your mobile device to ensure that you receive update notifications when a new version is available.

Note that Pix4D’s image processing engine supports images that are captured with any third party flight planning application as long as you have sufficient image overlap for your project. so please feel free to fly with any application that fits your needs.