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P3P bug report


Thank you for this amazing app. I am using a Nexus 7 with a DJI Phantom 3 professional.

I have some comments/questions.

Camera angle setting is off. I set the camera to be completely vertical (90 degrees) but when I processed the pictures with pix4dmapper it told me that the pictures where taken with a 70 degrees instead.

“Lage”, “Too Large” calculations. With the setting of “medium” overlap, at an altitude of 50m, a region of 433 x 193 is deemed “TOO LARGE” with an estimated time of 10min:06sec. However, a region of 433 x 207 is deemed only “LARGE” with an estimated time of 9min:41sec

“Reset” area resets zoom setting as well. This is kind of annoying when viewing the map in satellite mode. In the region I am, the satellite imagery is not available for the zoom level it is resetting, so we end up in an ugly black looking map. It would be better if:
a. the reset button only changed the location/and size of the region, or
b. If it also changed the view, also change to map view, or
c. if in satellite mode, then check what is the highest zoom level available and reset to that level

Thank you.

Ioannis Demetriou

Hello Ioannis,

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. There was a bug in the firsts version of the beta where the IMU was not written correctly in the p4d file. It should be fixed in 2.0.7.

Note however that there are other issues with the creation of the p4d file currently. The image name is not always written correctly. We are working on it. At the moment we recommend to use the images from the drone’s SD card and to create a new project locally to process the images.

  1. We have also made some improvements in the user interface in the version 2.0.7 and the issue that you reported should be corrected.

Moreover, the grid size is now taking into account the drone type. So the area that you mentioned is now green since you can cover a larger area with the Phantom 3 Pro than with a Phantom 2 Vision+. 

  1. Thank you for the suggestion we will pass it to our product development team for the app to see if this can be included in a future version.

Best regards,