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P3A Image Calibration Error and Camera Selection


I cannot find the Phantom 3 Advanced camera when selecting a camera model in Pix4D Mapper. FC300S_3.6_4000x3000 is auto selected is this the correct camera model? The reason I am asking is because a majority of my images did not calibrate and I am trying to trouble shoot the problem. Any help is appreciated.


Hey Collin,

Have you tried 0.5 image scale and Alternative calibration? You may be able to get more images calibrated. If you are trying image water, high density vegetation, snow, bare soil it may be difficult to calibrate those images since they are very homogeneous. 

The camera model for Phantom 3 Advanced it is FC300S_3.6_4000x3000, so it is correctly recognized. For the reconstruction could you please post here your quality report so I could take a look?