Selecting camera model issue - missing parameters

Hi there,

I have a problem with automatic selection of camera model from xml database (icmdb.xml). Software cannot find right model and I’m not able to choose it manualy. When I use button edit then Pix4d Mapper shut down.

We have the same camera (senseFly Duet T) like previous season with one difference. We were using Pix4d Mapper 4.6.4 but now it’s version 3.1.22. Probably there is a problem because I’m not able to process also thermal images from the last year (same issue).

By the way we can process RGB images from this type of camera but thermal images not.

Can somebody help me solve this problem, please?

Corresponding record in the database


Why did you downgrade to 3.1.22? It could be related to a version problem.
If PIX4Dmapper does not find the camera model, it will estimate them when processing. You could process once and then be able to read your optimized parameters.