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Anafi Thermal Pix4D Mapper Error e0024


I’m opening a new project with new images taked with new version of pix4d capture that now supports anafi thermal camera.

I have an issue at first when i charge the images inside pix4d new project, the error is the following:

“The parameters of the camera model are not valid. Select another camera model or edit the current one. Error: set the principal point x in [0.72,2.86]mm.”

I think there is something wrong with camera model parameters but i could not solve it anyway.

How can i do? Do I have to update in some way the parameters?

Thank You

Hi, Are you processing the RGB and thermal images together? The rig is there in our database so you need not enter any parameters yourself. Pix4D will read the thermal parameters from the EXIF. Can you try clicking on estimate from EXIF? I am pasting a screenshot showing the same fro a Micasense camera:


i can’t select the exif auto estimate option.
I leave you a link with a video description and images of anafi th

Thank you

Hi @aprflytechstore, Thank you so much for the video and the images. You will need to use version 4.5.4, I checked and it works with this version. We have also updated our article with this information.