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Thermal Mapping with ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom


I’m trying to make a thermal map with fotos taken by a ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom camera, from TEAX company. The problem is that Pix4D fails processing the images, giving the error:
[Error e0046: Processing failed. No calebrated cameras . It seems like a camera parameters problem but I’m not able to solve, even modifing the camera parameters. I used the parameters loaded from EXIF data, also I used a modified version of Flir_Tau2_13mm (changed only to 19mm and pixel size to 17nm). I also tryied to create my own camera profile, but nothing works.
Could someone help me?


Hi Ferran, I have used thermalcapture myself. Do you have oblique images? What is the focal length of your camera? It would be great if you can send us your log file and a screenshot of the image properties ediotr showing the camera parameters. Also, try processing with standard calibration and check geometrically verified matching.


I attach the log and the screenshot of the parameters. thanks!

uni_thx - (504.2 KB)

Hi, The logfile says there are oblique images in the dataset. The camera parameters look good. Was the flight/camera oblique or was there slopes in your area? Alternative calibration pipleine assumes that the images are nadir and the land is flat. You can try processing with stnadrad calibration and also check geometrically verified matching. Let us know if that works.


thanks for your help! I’ve tried again following your recommendations and it works! However, the camera was mounted pointing down with a gimbal, and there was not slopes in the terrain. The flight was in a place with a lot of buildings and trees. Maybe this was the reason?

thanks! :smiley: