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Processing Thermal Imagery from XT2


I have just attempted my first flight using the XT2 camera. I have flown a small area (approx. 100x60m) at 50m flying height, with a 90/90% overlap, all at 2m/s.

I have created a new job and added only the radiometric jpegs, which converted to tiff files. I have chosen the thermal camera template. 

When I commence the initial processing, it quickly runs through and comes up with “Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras”

I have changed the calibration method to standard, and the same problem.

The area I flew over was quite flat and featureless other than a few shipping containers and some parked trucks.

Could anyone suggest where I may be going wrong?

Many Thanks.

Hi Mitchell,

How many images do you have?
I would also set the image scale on 2, Standard for the calibration is a good option and I would set the internal camera optimization on “All Prior”

How is defined your XT2 camera?
There is often a mistake in the Pixel Size. From the EXIF it is read as 91.9118. Whereas it should be 17:
When your images have been uploaded, open the camera edition window and make sure that the pixel size is 17. 


Then save and close your project.

Before starting the process, to close the project and open the .p4d file with a text editor such as NotePad ++ and below the <tangentialT2>and above the <cameraModelSource> lines, add the following line
<pixelValue pixelType="uint16" min="-1" max="-1"/>

Then open your project again and choose the Thermal Camera Template for processing.
I would suggest you to also sete the Internal Parameters Optimization on “All Prior”.

This should help to achieve your thermal processing on the Desktop version.

I suggest you to read our documentation on this topic:
If you also get any troubles on RGB processing, I recommend you to use our Troubleshooter:

Hope this will help.