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Zenmuse XT2 processing

I am having issues processing RGB jpegs from a Zenmuse XT2 Thermal camera

I have been able to process the radiometric jpeg thermal images in Pix4D mapper to produce an orthomosaic and reflectance map, however I want to also create an orthomosaic from the standard RGB jpegs that the camera captures at the same time as the thermal images.

The images were acquired with very high overlap (90% front and side overlap). Pix4D seems to keep getting stuck in a loop in Step 1 at the calibration step, the calibration just keeps restarting in different places. I’ve tried Step 1 with different settings, but every time its getting stuck in a loop.

The project is only about 1000 photos and I have left it running for over an hour now and is still on Step 2 of Initial Processing.


Hi Jason, are you using alternative calibration? Try standard. I have seen this happen sometimes due to oblique images being processed with alternative calibration.

Thanks for the suggestion, I was using standard calibration as the images were captured from a nadir aerial flight. It did eventually finish processing, it just took an extremely long amount of time, and the camera calibration came out something ridiculous like 25,000% difference in the report.


Zenmuse XT2 is not in our database, thus you will need to calibrate the camera first and save it in the database: This process would need a good dataset and the link explains what I mean by that. You can save the RGB and thermal as separate cameras.

Also, for nadir flights you can use alternative calibration, for oblique ones or areas with slope use standard calibration. 

Hi Jason

I have calibrated the Zenmuse XT2, find the settings in this thread. Note that for the thermal camera, as I only have the 19mm lens, that’s what I managed to calibrate. But the RGB should be fine for all XT2 cameras. Good luck

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