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Problem to proceed DJI Zenmuse XT2 JPEG with PIX4D mapper

Drone: M210 (V1) RTK
Cam: XT2 13mm 640x512
JPG format: JPG format: 4000x3000, 72ppp

I want to make one project per image format, 1) R_JPG and 2) JPG, which I will then merge together.

The R_JPG project seems ok, but the JPG project gives me a hard time; no matter how many different parameters I use, Pixmapper can’t complete step 1.

Here are the error messages depending on different parameters I use in step 1

“[Error]: no blocks computed” or
“[Error]: No calibrated cameras.” or
“[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.” or
“[Warning]: Decompose: M_Srii not positive.” or
“[Warning]: No path from reference camera to 3” or

Any leads will be appreciated

rjpeg contains the temperature vales in the pixel where as jpeg contains the information in colors (red, green, blue). Thus it might be difficult for Pix4D to find features if the colors are the same. You can still upload the images for us to have a look (share google drive link) or write us a support tciket for us to confirm.