Problem with calibrating cameras in agricultural RGB projects despite high overlap

For mapping agricultural surfaces we use a drone with several nadir-looking camera mounted on it. We’ve been planning the flights with Pix4D capture and trying to process them with Pix4D mapper.

Unluckily we are having a lot of trouble with the processing part, out of the many datasets we collected we could only stitch few of them, the majority of them don’t go through step 1 of the processing and we don’t understand why. The error message which is appearing all time is “no calibrated cameras”.

The dataset has good quality, the overlap is high and the surface is not too homogeneous (I also tried using Alternative calibration method). Images have been taken with a FLIR Blackfly-S 5MP.

What could the problem be, how can it be solved?

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Can you check if you are using the correct camera parameters? Go to image properties editor and check the sensor width, height, pixel size and focal length. If the parameters are correct, change all the distortion values to 0 and click ok. Start processing with thermal template.

Do you have oblique images in your dataset (are there slopes in the area you have captured)? If yes, change the calibration method to standard and also use geometrically verified matching in step 1. Let us know how that goes.

Thank you, Fish-eye camera was selected instead of perspective lens… I don’t know how I didn’t realize this before.

The camera used is a RGB, does using the thermal template could somehow improve stitching quality?

Thank you

Ah sorry, my bad. I thought it was thermal. Use ag RGB then. Does it process successfully now?

Okok, yes, it does!!

Hi Juan, Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile: