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Anafi thermal Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras

Hi, thanks to the new update of pix4d Capture and Mapper it is now possible to build thermal orthomosaics through Anafi Thermal.
After doing a short but precise flight with my Anafi I insert the Jpeg images and develop the project through 3DMaps as recommended in this post How to capture and process data with Parrot ANAFI Thermal – Support
At the first step, however, this error comes out Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.
So I try with Tiff images and nothing is the same, then I try with Tiff images and converted Jpeg images and still nothing. In short, I do not understand the error, am I wrong about the flight planning or the processing process?


What overlap and flight height did you use for capturing the images? You will need to use both the RGB and thermal images together, are you doing that? can you please send us your logfile and p4d file?

Overlap 90% at a height of 30 meters. I tried to use thermal and RGB images together but nothing to do. I can’t send you the log file and as for the p4d file (if you mean the one generated at the end of the flight by pix4d capture) it pains me to let you know that as regards the settings such as flight with anafi thermal pix4D capture it does not synchronize the images at the end of the flight , while with settings like anafi thermal + rgb it saves them, but does not take thermal images.

Hi @mestromess23,

@Kapil_Khanal might be able to help you with the Capture issue. As in for the processing part, you cannot process only the thermal images in Pix4Dmapper (as the resolution is very low, 160*120), that is why we have added Anafi thermal as a rig. Pix4D uses the RGB images and calibrates them to generate the thermal map with the help of the translation and rotation parameters for the rig. You will need to process the RGB and thermal together (and they need to be synchronised).

Could you create a video tutorial that includes both capture and mapper?

Hi @mestromess23,

Momtanu was referring to the log file that is generated during the processing of the project using the Pix4Dmapper desktop. Direct synchronizing of the rig is not possible at the time because the cloud is not suited for that purpose. However, we are always working on improving our product, I would definitely suggest it as a feature suggestion to our team.

Regarding the processing of RGB and thermal images together, I would recommend you to follow the steps explained in our support article on Process dataset with both thermal and RGB imagery (A better 3D mesh/ model).


[UI]: Processing Start clicked.

Processing: Substep Keypoint extraction started.

Processing: Read keypoints.

Processing: Analyse Keypoints.

Processing: Substep Keypoint extraction finished.

Processing: Substep Keypoint matching started.

Processing: Generating pairs

Processing: Read matches.

Processing: Write matches.

Processing: Substep Keypoint matching finished.

Processing: Initialize automatic tie points.

Processing: Building automatic tie points.

Processing: Substep Camera calibration started.

Processing: Analyse automatic tie points.

Processing: Analyse automatic tie points.

Processing: Compute number of matches.

Processing: Initialize calibration

[Warning]: No initial frame

[Error]: no blocks computed

Processing: Substep Camera calibration finished.

[Error]: No calibrated cameras.

Processing: Substep Report generation started.

Processing: Read keypoints.

Processing: Substep Report generation finished.

[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.

Do you mean this as a logfile?

I processed the thermal images in JPG format together with the RGB images in JPG format. I used the 3D Models template but nothing to do. The guides you have passed to me ask for knowledge of information about the camera that I do not have, I refer to the information to be included in the: edit of the model camera.
Where am I wrong?

Hi @mestromess23, the camera is there in our database so you need not edit the parameters. For the thermal camera, click on estimate from EXIF. That should read all the parameters from EXIF and you will not need to edit anything. I am giving an example from Micasense camera:

Can you send us a screenshot of the raycloud and the error in Pix4Dmapper?