Does Pix4D Mapper support thermal imagery shot with Parrot Anafi Thermal?

I am considering adding a Parrot Anafi Thermal UAV, but would like to know if the thermal images are supported by Pix4D? Also, am wondering if Pix4D Capture will allow me to run a mission with Anafi Thermal and capture BOTH Thermal and RGB images simultaneously during the mission?

Hi Andrew,

The Anafi thermal has a FLIR thermal-imaging camera with a resolution of 160X120 which is not enough for thermal mapping with Pix4Dmapper (It should be at least 640X480).
Processing Thermal Images

Same issue with the Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual:


A new version of Pix4Dcapture iOS (4.5.0) is now available on the store that supports the Parrot Anafi Thermal (Only RGB images): 

However it does not support thermal images and it is not planned in a near future.

Sorry about that.


Thanks Marco,

Does low resolution not allow for adequite end and side lap to perform the processing?

Could thermal images that had been upscaled to at least 640x480 be used?

Hi Andrew,

As the calibration of the camera at such resolution is flaky, the stitching of images is not possible.

One solution would be to set the rig in order to get thermal overlay over the RGB. However as the difference between RGB and thermal resolution is an order of magnitude which makes the overlay very difficult to achieve.
This works with the DueT from Sensefly for example.

If our developers allocate resources to this highly risky challenge and achieve to make it work, I will for sure let you know.

To be honest, I don’t know. I suggest you to try and let us know if it works ;).


HI Marco. Does the Bebop 2 Pro Thermal have the correct resolution tiwork with Pix4d or does it
Have the same issues as the Anafi thermal and Pix4d?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Greg,

Yes same issue than as the Anafi.
These drone solutions are not made for thermal stitching as they have low resolution but rather for live thermal surveying.

But if you do have one of these drones, you can always try to edit the camera rigs parameters:


And if it works, let us know ;).


Hello Marco,


You didn’t answer Mr. Prices question about taking simultaneous images with the FLIR and RGB cameras when using pix4dcapture.  Can the Anafi capture both RGB and Thermal images simultaneously. 

  I’m familiar with the workflow in pix4d for the senseFly Duet T sensor and interested in if a similar workflow is possible with the Anafi.  Before that could even be attempted,  I would need to have both sensors capture images at the same time.  


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I’m logged in under our company pix4d account so my username will show as Bob Parker. 

This is actually Eric Wischropp submitting this request.

Hi Eric, Hi Bob,

I did have replied to Mr. Prices question:

Maybe it was not clear, but Pix4Dcapture cannot take thermal images from the Anafi.

At the moment, there is not valid workflow for thermal processing with the Thermal Anafi for the reasons I explained above.
However, if the RIG can be well defined it could work. So far we have not hear about any users having successfully process thermal images from the Anafi.

But if we hear about such project I will for sure let you know here.


did you find a solution as i have a mission similar to yours now.