Thermal Image Processing Using data from DJI M2ED

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I’ve just do an acquisition data with my drone, DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. This drone has a FLIR Lepton Camera with resolution 160X120. As I’ve known from the Pix4D’s web, to process the thermal image we need a minimum resolution 640 x480. I have two kinds of data, those are RGB and IR (JPEG). I’ve already entered those data within this link below. For the information, I’ve acquisition data with a height of 120 m from the surface.

RGB and IR

Now, I am trying to generate the thermal orthomosaics according to the steps on web “Processing thermal image”, but failed to sticth together (only a few parts appear). I also confused to fill in the appropriate parameters for the camera. I would be very grateful if there is a possible workaround from Pix4D team.

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I think something is wrong with the thermal images. Some example screenshots of the raw images below:

Since they have very little or no content, Pix4D will not be able to find any features/keypoints. I would recommend reaching out to DJI. More info here: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - #21 by alscilla

Thank you for the response.
For information, actually my thermal image datasets are in JPEG format. Could that be the problem ? If it must be in RJPEG format and there is a big possibility to succeed in processing thermal image and generate themal map, I will do acquisition data again.

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Pada tanggal Rab, 16 Des 2020 pukul 12.51 Momtanu Chakraborty via Pix4D Community <> menulis:

Just being in jpeg will not be an issue. The raw images should look good, have variability. You should be able to understand the different objects in the image. Your RGB images look good but there’s something wrong with the thermal. I think you should reach out to DJI once. Maybe you need to change some settings on the camera?

Okay. I will contact DJI soon. But let me share my screen shoot when I am processing thermal image with pix4D using RGB and Thermal Image data. In picture below, I was successful in processing the RGB data until generate the DEM and also the orthomosaic. I hope you would give me response again after I was given information by DJI about my trouble.
Thank you very much.