error processing thermal images

I have a problem when processing thermal images and I can’t locate the fault.
First of all, let me say that I have a permanent license for Pix4D mapper, I am not using a trial version or a finalized license.
I use version 3.0.17, which was the one that the company acquired in its day to work on precision agriculture issues.
As I mentioned, I have problems when generating the processing of thermal images captured with the Yuneec CGOET thermal camera.
We have had more work with thermal images and we have always finished with the orthomosaic. In this case, the flight was carried out correctly and the resulting images (in 3 formats Tiff, JPEG, JPG) seem to be all correct (including georeferencing).
Attached I send quality report of the process. To do this, TIFF images have been selected, with optimal and slow processing, uncalibrated camera (this thermal camera is not needed), correct georeferencing check, among others.
I request you to study it and tell me where the error may be.
Thank you very much
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Buenas tardes,
Tengo un problema a la hora de procesar imágenes térmicas y no se localizar el fallo.
Antes de nada, decir que tengo una licencia permanente de Pix4D mapper, no estoy usando versión de prueba o licencia finalizada.
Uso la versión 3.0.17, que fue la que la empresa adquirió en su día para trabajar en temas de agricultura de precisión.
Como comentaba, tengo problemas a la hora de generar el procesamiento de imágenes térmicas capturadas con la cámara térmica CGOET de Yuneec.
Hemos tenido más trabajos con imágenes térmicas y siempre nos ha finalizado con el ortomosaico. En este caso, el vuelo se realizó correctamente y las imágenes resultantes (en 3 formatos Tiff, JPEG, JPG) parece que está todo correcto (georreferenciación inclusive).
Adjunto envío informe de calidad del proceso. Para ello, se han seleccionado las imágenes TIFF, con procesamiento óptimo y lento, cámara sin calibrar (no hace falta a esta cámara térmica), comprobación de georreferenciación correcta, entre otros.
Solicito puedan estudiarlo y decirme dónde puede estar el error.
Muchas gracias
Un saludo
termi_viña_report_tiff.pdf (348.5 KB)

Hi @pilotomcbiodrone,

In order to have enough visual content in the images for PIX4Dmapper to reconstruct the scene, we recommend:

  • A minimum sensor resolution of 640x480. Smaller sensors are not supported and typically do not calibrate.
  • Using a lens with a smaller focal length (9mm) increases the image’s footprint, though it is possible to use longer lens focal lengths.

From the quality report I see that the thermal camera sensor is much smaller 160x120. Do you have RGB images as well?
For more:


I attach a photo of how the files are in the directory folder,
The CGOET Yuneec camera takes images in TIFF, JPEG and JPG format.
If I add photos in JPEG or JPG format, the program closes automatically.
It only lets me add the TIFF images to the project.
The question is that in old works, if it has allowed me to create the thermal orthomosaic.
What I can do?
Thank you very much for the reply.

Hi @pilotomcbiodrone,

PIX4Dmapper can process thermal images for the following formats: RJPG, .tiff and .jpg, see that this last format is supported but not recommended. The .jpg images are colored-mapped temperatures and contain only a visual representation of the temperature instead of the raw values.

In the following article we explain how to process thermal images and how to generate the outputs: Processing thermal images

Please check the sensor recommendations, as a minimum sensor resolution is admissible (640x480). Smaller sensors are not supported and typically do not calibrate.

If you need further assistance, please could you share the quality report and the log file here.

I hope this information was useful for you.

Have a very nice day!

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caracteristicas sensor.pdf (36.0 KB)
Hello, I am sending a quality report attached. I can’t process them. The sensor has more resolution than 640x480. I leave you a photograph of the characteristics of the sensor,
Thank you
termi_viña_report_tiff.pdf (348.5 KB)
pix4d.pdf (32.3 KB)

Hi pilotmcbiodrone,

Please check your drone/camera settings as the images imported are showing a resolution of 160 x 120.