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Thermal Image Data processing issues

Dear developer team,

I have been using Pix4Dmapper for thermal image processing, to obtain the thermogram. I have used the camera parameter settings suggested in your support website (see attached)

. However, I get the following error: 

I have attached an image of the error for reference. Please guide me as to how I can fix this.



This could be linked to insufficient overlap between images, or the wrong camera model (this depends on the exact camera you are using). You can have a look here for general recommendations

Best regards,

Hey srinivasulu B,

Did you have a %100 match when you emotioned your project? If not that could be the case. I have definitely seen that error before. Under Image Properties Editor, did you make sure that your camera properties/parameters are correct? What settings are you using for the Initial Processing?  And also for the step 3 under Index Calculator tab, which  indices have you enabled and are you exporting any shapefiles? I had problems with those, which could be related to this issue. Although you project seemed to failed at step 1 so it could be an emotion issue.

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