Mavic Enterprise Dual create thermal image

Camera is FC2403_4.5_4056x3040 (RGB),and the report says “Detected Template: Thermal Camera”, but how to create thermal image(take thermal information)

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I believe you are using the Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise camera.

Pix4D’s software is currently unable to generate a reflectance map with temperature values from certain thermal cameras, such as the Mavic 3T Enterprise, Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise Advanced, Zenmuse H20T, and Zenmuse H20N from DJI. This is because the metadata of the thermal images from these cameras differs from that of other normal thermal cameras, making it difficult for the FLIR SDK used by Pix4D’s software to identify them as rjpeg images. As a result, the software processes these images as RGB images instead of thermal images.

To process these images correctly using Pix4D’s software, a workaround is to use third-party software to convert the rjpeg images into TIFF files with temperature information before processing them with PIX4D’s software. For more information: Thermal images convertion.

In case thermal images are uploaded to Pix4D’s software, they will be treated as RGB images and the resulting orthomosaic will not display temperature values. As a result, even if users generate an orthomosaic for visualization purposes, they will not be able to extract the temperature value of a particular object or pixel from the resulting map.

The following cameras are supported for your information:

Please refer to this section to see step-by-step instruction on how to process a thermal dataset when using a supported camera:
Processing thermal images - How to process thermal datasets?

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