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Inspire X1 Thermal Camera getting Errors when Processing Images

When i start the Pix4d mapper Software then load the images and click start it takes a few seconds then outputs the flowing errors, The Camera is the Flir X1 camera for the Inspire 1. 


Thanks in advance


[Error]: no blocks computed

[Processing]: Substep Camera calibration finished.

[Error]: No calibrated cameras.

[Processing]: Substep Report generation started.

[Processing]: Read keypoints.

[Processing]: Substep Report generation finished.

[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.

[Processing]: ProjectLoaded

Hi Keiren,

The thermal template uses alternative calibration which assumes that the images are nadir. If the images are oblique, there will be no calibration. Go to the logfile and search for the word oblique. If you find oblique cameras, can you try changing the calibration method to standard and process once more?