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Thermomap- Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras

Good afternoon, 

Yesterday I flew a flight over an intertidal area of a beach using the Thermomap camera in an Ebee, flying conditions were good but it was cold with ground surface temperature around 5 degress. I used 90% overlap in both directions. l use Emotion2 to pre-process the images and 3256 of 3256 were geolocated according to the image properties editor. When I try to run the initial processing in Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.2.23, I get:

[Error]: No calibrated cameras.

followed by:

[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.

I’ve tried different image scales and reducing the targetted number of key points to the minimum sugested 100.

Any suggestions on why this might be happening? An example of the sort of normailised images from the camera I get is shown below, which I would have thought would have enough structure to generate tie-points.

edit:  The same region was flown with a sequioa and the multispectral part and RGB part calibrated fine with only a couple of uncalbrated images on the edge of the survey area. Results of these seem good from a first glance

Hi Iain,

The image that you have posted unfortunately it is too blurry to bring any input to the processing :-/. Could you make sure that this is not the case for the entire dataset?

If this is not the case then you can try the solution given below:

The senseFly camera takes a lot of pictures, and then many of them are discarded since they are not needed (this only applies with this particular camera). The software tries to estimate this, but it is possible to change this setting. I expect that if you have more images, you will have better overlap and thus more calibrated images. We are trying to tweak those settings. You can also do this on your projects. You should open the .p4d file in a text editor and change the value on the line:

<targetCameraDist value=“28.8999996185303”/>

A smaller value means that more images will be kept. Please try to change this setting and let us know if this helps matters. 

In case this is not successful could you please share the p4d file along with the log file with us? If you want to post it here, you could share it via Google Drive or weTransfer.







Hi Ina,

A lot of the images are similar, but there are quite a few that are sharper. Is there any reason for the blurryness? Flying conditions were good. Does the lack of sharp termperature variation in such areas mean we need to fly at lower elevations? Would te low ambient temperatures affect blurryness?

I tried reducing the value but it made no difference. The .p4d and log file are shared here:



Hi Iain,


If all the images are similar then there are small changes to have a successful processing job :-(. In the log, I can see that the processing failed due to no matches.

Regarding the quality of the images, I would recommend you to contact senseFly since they have better insights on camera.