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Creating thermal image in Pix4D


I have photos made with DJI with camera model FLIR 13.0 (640*512). If I set the processing template to Thermal Map and hit start it soon generates the following errors:

Error: No calibrated cameras and 

Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.


What I’m doing wrong? 


Thank you!



Hi Madis,

First, I would like to recommend you this article on thermal images processing:

Then, Camera Calibration issues can results from a number of factors. Typically an uncalibrated camera results from insufficient number of keypoints matching with neighboring image keypoints to become tie points.
No cameras could be calibrated. Possible causes:

  • The image quality is not sufficient (blurry images, no texture, etc.). For more information: 203756115.
  • There is no overlap between the images. For more information: 203756125.
  • The camera model associated to the cameras is not correct. For more information: 203032259.
  • The image geolocation or coordinate system is not correct. For more information: 203755985.
  • The GCP geolocation or coordinate system is not correct. For more information: 203032299.

If you error occurs at the beginning of the process, the cause might be that your camera model is not correctly associated.

At this point I cannot help you any further. If this error persists please feel free to provide us your quality report and log file.