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FLIR Duo Pro R 3D modeling


I’m shooted pictures with Matrice600 & FLIR Duo Pro R

But I couldn’t make a 3D modeling with automatically selected camera model…


So I tried other camera model, ( I randomly selected the camera model: FLIR_13.0_640*512 & CanonPowerShotSX230HS_15.0_4000*3000)

 And successed to have some 3D results.


For short, I have 3 questions…

  1. Is FLIR Duo Pro R camera model not in the Pix4D program?? Is that the reason for I cannot get 3D modeling…?

  2. With selecting other cameras, I could have 3D models. However the building walls ripped off.

  3. Is it okay to process 2000 images at once? One picture has both thermal & RGB.


Help me!! T.T

Hi JongHoon,


Did you have the chance to take a look at this post? 


  1. Even though the camera is not in our database, you can define the camera model and calibrate it as per the instructions that are given here. 

  2. Assigning a wrong camera model will not help the reconstruction since the optimization of the internal parameter will start from wrong initial values. To correctly process your datasets please the workflow I have mentioned at 1. 

  3. At the moment, you will have to split the images into two projects: RGB and thermal. Following you can create two projects that can be further merged. Please seeProcess dataset with both thermal and RGB imagery.