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Issues with FLIR Duo Pro R thermal image calibration

Hi! I am using the 13mm f/1.25 version of the FLIR Duo Pro R camera. I am trying to create 3D model and orthomosaic using this camera and unfortunately the images are not calibrating. I have followed the steps mentioned here: FLIR Duo Pro R thermal images not calibrating.

Some of the steps that the forum suggested were to: change the camera parameters, process the RGB and thermal separately, using high overlap, using the thermal camera template in the processing options and using multiple MTPs. However, none of these steps could help me to get the images calibrated. Can anyone help me in this case?

Hello @gunjanbarua9, Can you send us the log file, .p4d files, quality report(if step 1 was completed), and a few screenshots showing the issue?

Hi Kapil! You can download the images and the report from here: - Google Drive

The only issue I am having is that the IR images are not getting calibrated. The RGB ones are working fine. I would really appreciate your help in this regard.

Hello @gunjanbarua9, The issue is with the image acquisition. Flight lines can’t be single, you would need a proper grid mission with 90% front overlap and 85-90% side overlap. The image acquisition you have might work for RGB images but for thermal as the resolution is very low, you would need better overlap to extract more key points and to calibrate your images.

Thanks! One more question. Is the thermal camera resolution for the FLIR Duo Pro R is originally 640512 or is it upscaled to 640512?

The original resolution is 640*512. For more details visit the below link: Support for FLIR Duo Pro R | Teledyne FLIR