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FLIR Duo Pro R thermal images not calibrating

I am new to pix 4d. Used a FLIR Duo Pro R camera with 25 mm focal length to capture images of road surfaces. While trying to create the orthomosaic, I am able to produce a very good rgb orthomosaic but could not create a thermal equivalent of it in any manner. We captured images using the rjpg format. None of the thermal images extracted by pix 4d from the rjpg is getting calibrated. Whenever I use the processing, it is always 50% calibrated. All the rgb images are calibrated but none of the thermal tiff are. All the images are geolocated. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, You will need to process the RGB and thermal images as separate projects. The pixel size is not read form the EXIF and we calculate it from certain EXIF tags from the images. But if the software does not find these tags, it will auto-fill an incorrect value. The pixel size for your RGB camera is 1.85 micron and that for the thermal camera is 17 micron. Can you try processing after editing these values? For thermal images, use the thermal template and for the RGB you can either use the ag RGB template or the 3D maps template according to the area captured. Let us know if it works

Thank you for your reply. The software did autofill an incorrect value. So, I edited the pixel value and ran the process. I used the thermal camera template for the thermal images, but it still doesn’t give me results. It is failing in the calibration step with the warning that there are no calibrated cameras.

I have one more question. While I was working with a different dataset of a similiar area (road surface), this one having no geolocated images, i was getting errors in the initial calibration stage. It stated:
Not enough GCPs present to transform (0).
GCP’s computeNoiseDistribution
Optimizing with geoinformation
[BundleAdjuster][minimize] no projections errors ! aborting.
bundle failed

We were planning to stack the thermal and rgb images together and do a mosaic with this stacked images to apply some machine learning algorithm. These images are not geolocated and if there is anyway to solve this calibration error, it will be much appreciated.

Do you have oblique images or a uneven slopy terrain? Can you try processing with standarad calibration and also enable gemetrically verified matches?

It is okay if the images are not geolocated and should process with standrad calibration. Let us solve the issue of thermal images, then we can move along to the merged project.

The terrain I am working with is flat road surface.
I tried procesing with standard calibration and geometrically verified matches. I used the thermal camera template. Now, 6% of the total input images are getting calibrated and the output is a very small area of the total area imaged.

@vchakrap, Can you upload the images to google drive and share the link if it is not confidential? We can have a look at it. How does your flight plan look like? What was the flight height and overlap?