Autel Evo II Dual - "No Calibrated Cameras"


I’m attempting to process RGB images taken with my Autel Evo II Dual, however Pix4D unable to recognize the camera model. The “Selected Camera Model” shows an exclamation mark next to the model name and fails when I attempt to begin step 1. The camera model name is shown as “_nan_3840x2160 (RGB)” and the focal length is shown as “nan”. Does anyone have a solution on how I can resolve this issue? I’ve tried editing the camera/sensor parameters, however I’m still receiving an error when starting step 1. Attached is a screenshot of the the camera parameters.



Could you send me a few images so I can help you?

Hi Jose,

Thank you so much for responding. Unfortunately I’m unable to share the images because it’s for a client. However, perhaps I can screenshot the metadata and that will be sufficient for you to understand what’s going on? Attached you will find a screenshot of the image/camera metadata for both the RGB and Thermal. Unfortunately Pix4Dmapper wasn’t able to process either set of images. Seems as though there’s a calibration issue and I’m not certain how to resolve it. Maybe there’s something I needed to calibrate on the camera prior to the mission?

Thanks again!

As my colleague replied privately, click on the edit and then change the edit in the “Edit camera model” menu with the correct focal length and then try processing.

There is nothing to do prior to the mission.


Hello Paul, did you manage process this project? Were you able to get 3D model textured with thermal images?