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Images with different tones within a mission - P3P


I’m testing a new DJI-P3P with the Capture App. I have gotten images with different tones within a mission (pls see the attached pic). I would like to know if it could be a problem with the camera  or a app “demo” limitation?  I’m a new user of both P3P (bought it recently) and Pix4D software (not full version yet). 

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Hi Fernando,


It happened the same to me. I did my first flight yesterday, everything ok except from the post cloud data transmission, it failed. So I still don’t know if this circumstance is a problem to get good results, or maybe not. I think it is not, but I am not sure. Let’s see if someone solve the question.


Hi Fernando, hi Foto,

The camera settings in the app are set to auto/default values, like the aperture, the speed and the white balance.

However, we are aware of some issues with the auto white balancing of the DJI cameras (P2V+, P3P, P3A and Inspire 1). Currently the auto setting is not handling very well the white balance, which might be what you observed with these images.

We have contacted DJI regarding this issue and we hope that it will be fixed with a newer version of the SDK. If this issue is not fixed we will consider giving the user this option for the camera settings.

Note that this issue should not affect the reconstruction/calibration of the images but it can affect the visual aspect of the orthomosaic.

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i have the same problem did you resovle this with dji in the 3 months since last post?


The color balancing issue seems to be solved with SDK3 that is supported by the iOS app but not the Android one (currently SDK2).
Most probably a new version will be released by the end of June (beta) but it depends on many factors and we might have delays.

Note that the camera settings are set to automatic in Pix4Dcapture so that the images are optimally captured to ensure a good reconstruction with Pix4Dmapper. These settings are defined at the very beginning of the flight with the first images and remain the same until the end of the mission (DJI SDK constraint). Please find below the camera settings that are used in our application:

  • White balance: Auto. However in our iOS app, it is possible to set the white balance to automatic, sunny, or cloudy.
  • ISO (auto, 100, 200, etc.): Auto
  • Sharpness: Standard
  • Contrast: Standard
  • Exposure compensation: Default
  • Format: JPEG - Resolution: 4608x3456
  • Anti flickr (video): Auto
  • Exposure metering (average/center/point): Center


This has been a known problem for at least 2 years now. I had it with the Vision 2+ and I just bought Phantom 4 and it STILL is an issue.

What’s up you guys? Why is it so hard for you to set the white balance when both the DJI and Litchi (also a 3rd party app) can do it?

I’m trying to do aerial vegetation surveys. Color really matters. Your app gives me useless results which is very disappointing for something that would seem so easy to fix and has been a known problem through every model of the most popular quadcopter on the market for a couple of years now.

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Hi Tim,

My colleague will soon directly follow up on this issue by email since you also submitted a request to Support.



This still is a problem! how it it not fixed after 4 Years!