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Results of flights P3P, "Capture App2.0.1" in Android 5.0

Results of flights P3P, “Capture App2.0.1” in Android 5.0:

  1. The takeoff, to operate normally
  2. The DJI P3P, gains height, making turns, that is correct?
  3. Make the pictures normally
  4. When you synchronize photos, the first photo is taken more than 2 minutes is normal?
  5. The photos are completely white, Capture App modifies or adjusts white balance settings of the camera? Or should we do before the flight?

Hi Pedro,
Thank you for your feedback. Note that we have already released a new version, 2.0.2. This version should correct the spinning problem of the drone. Make sure to give it a try!

It seems that there might be a problem with the camera settings. Other users are reporting that the images are too dark. We have to investigate. Currently our application is setting most camera options to default, it is not possible to modify them.

Please for further remarks, use the following post for all comments regarding the app: