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Pix4d Capture Crashing

Hi. I have been using pix4d capture for the past several months now and I have had no issues. Recently I started training a colleague to fly with the P3 Pro. He used his mobile device to fly the P3 on DJI GO. After that , I tried to fly a grid on p4d capture. All my settings were reset and I experienced communication issues between p4d capture and the controller, I then uninstalled everything and downloaded DJI Go , Control DJI and Pix4d Capture. It seemed to work but since then the app has been crashing constantly. Whilst trying to open projects and during flights. 

Hi Eduan,

We recommend to read this article to troubleshoot app issues and proceed with basic checks first.
Could also give more information about the device (brand, model, running OS version)?



I am currently using a

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ,

Android 7.0 ,

DJI GO - Ver 3.1.10 ,

Ctrl+DJI - Ver 1.6.2 ,

Pix4d Capture - Ver 3.8.4

Hi Eduan,

Please upgrade to the latest app versions because we investigate further (more info).