Hi guys, I cant get my phontom 3 standard to connect to Pix4d. I get an error stating that “the DJI SDK must download a database before connecting. This may take some time”. After clicking ok, no download begins and there are no hints as to where to find this database.

I have CTRL +DJI installed.

The drone connects fine to DJI go and can fly.

Any ideas?


The behavior you are describing is new to us and has not been recently reported to us by other users. So, I would suggest you go through all the basic checks and troubleshooting steps as it will solve most of the issues that can be encountered if properly followed.

Pix4D is currently working on the next generation of PIX4Dcapture, which will be based on the current PIX4Dscan. PIX4Dscan has missions for mapping, 3D modeling, and inspection use cases. It is supported on Android and iOS devices. Download ‎PIX4Dscan on the App Store & PIX4Dscan on Google Play

In case the issue is not solved, I would also recommend you to go through our support article on Which image acquisition app can I use with Pix4D’s software?.