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USB connection between Ctrl+dji and Phantom 4 pro+ V2 remote control with built-in monitor

Every time I open Ctrl+dji and try to connect the USB cable (I’ve tried several) no pop-up appears that allows me to connect to the drone.

I downloaded both Ctrl+dji and Pix4Dcapture via APKPure. I updated the firmware on the remote controller and also the Phantom to the latest version available on DJI GO 4.
I followed all the procedures and checked that the settings were correct.
I tried resetting the remote controller and installing everything from the beginning.

I have read on several forums that several people have the same problem as me, but I have not found any solution. Can you please help me?

Hi @domizia.derasmo, the drone that you mention is not officially supported by PIX4Dcapture and we cannot guarantee it will for. Please check this community post for more information:

Can the Pix4D capture app be loaded onto the controller of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2+ with the built in screen?
Any ideas will be appreciated.