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DJI Phantom 4 pro plus

I am trying to use pix4d capture with my new phantom 4 pro plus. I have been able to download the pix4d app to my plus remote as well as the Ctrl+DJI app and have seen videos where you can tether a usb cord on the remote to the mini connection. I’ve watched videos that show success using this method connecting the drone to the remote but I’m not able to connect them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



The DJI Phantom 4 Pro plus version is not supported by pix4Dcapture at the moment and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it in 2020.If things change, we will be published at our Pix4Dcapture supported drone and camera page Supported drones, cameras and controllers.



Thank you for your quick reply.

Can you explain why the Phantom 4 Pro Plus is not supported by Pix4Dcapture?

Thank you