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No connection with Phantom 4 Pro

I have a brand new DJI Phantom 4 Pro that I am trying to link with the Pix4D app to fly 2D imagery and 3D reconstruction missions. I installed the apps (v3.7.1 of Capture, v1.5.0 of Ctrl+DJI) on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I am unable to connect the app with the drone. I tried different orders of remote, drone, and app without any luck.

I updated the firmware on the aircraft today and flew it for the first time using the DJI GO4 app without problem. I created the missions in the Pix4D app but cannot get them to work with the drone. When I open Ctrl+DJI app, it doesn’t show any of my drone’s data.

How can I get the app to work for my P4P?

Uninstall DJI GO