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Android version will not run

I have tried everything I can find on the internet.

I really would like to try this software but my frustration level is out of this world.

After I installed the Ctrl+DJI app on my phone the Pix4D app will not run.

I have a Galaxy S6.

Any ideas or should I just give up on this product?

Sorry, what airframe are you using?

Sorry I for got to put that in. I have a DJI Mavik Pro

I’m going to update and test my inspire one due to the storm coming and all the post stating the same issues.

In the past it was best to use a dedicated device for control/telemetry control.

Hi Edward,

I am sorry to hear about this. I would recommend to check this article before investigating further as it usually solve the issues for our customers:

Let us know how it goes. If the issue persists, please share a screenshot and/or give more information about the problem.

Yes, I have done everything in that article. I have done everything in every article I could find on the internet with a google search.

When I start the CTRL+DJI app it connects to the Mavik Pro just fine. It does not matter if I use the open button in that app or I switch to apps and open the PIX4D app the results are the same. the software starts up then crashes. The strange thing is that if the drone is not attached, the software will start.

Could you try to connect to the drone right after tapping Start in Pix4Dcapture when prompted?

Also could you try to clear the app data of Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+DJI (this will not remove the missions)?

  1. Go to the settings of the device.
  2. Select the application manager (or similar).
  3. Select one of the apps.
  4. In the storage section, tap the button to clear data and clear cache.
  5. Repeat for the second app.
  6. Relaunch Pix4Dcapture.