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Pix4Dcapture 4.4 for android & CTRL+DJI

The updated pix4dcapture version 4.4 doesn’t work on my android phone (samsung galaxy s7). When I downgrade to 4.2, the CTRL+DJI app was crashing. Then, upgraded once again to 4.4, the pix4dcapture app kept on crashing…


Hi Nikos,

I would have a few questions about your issue:

  • Can you tell me what drone you are using?
  • Are you also updated with the latest version of Ctrl+DJI (version V1.9.2) and drone firmware?
  • Was Pix4Dcapture working before on your Samsung Galaxy S7 without any issues?
  • Did you have the chance to test if it was working on another mobile device?
  • When crashing, what this the message displayed?

It could happen that something went wrong with the installation.
I would suggest you go through our troubleshooter and especially following how to make a clean install of Pix4Dcapture and its plugin  as well as clearing Data and cache memory in Step 4 of the troubleshooter. 
I would also suggest you to reinstall the drone manufacturer app to see if it can solve the issue.