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Set fixed P3 camera parameters

I have problems with P3 camera. I take several aerial photos and sometimes are a big difference between two photos.It is posible set fixed exposition parameters (like shutter priority on DSLR camera)? This is important for better quality photos.


Hi Ante,

Currently the camera parameters are fixed and set to default/auto values.

However, we are aware of some issues with the auto white balancing of the Phantom 3 camera. Currently the auto setting is not handling very well the white balance and it can happen that some images look more greenish and some yellowish.

We have contacted DJI regarding this issue and it should be fixed with a newer version of the SDK. If this issue is not fixed we will consider giving the user this option for the camera settings.

Did you noticed other artifacts with this camera? What kind of differences did you observed?

Best regards,


27/04/2016, I got the same problem of white balancing. Anything change in the app for this problem since your last post ?


Hi Gautier,

The color balancing issue seems to be solved with SDK3 that is supported by the iOS app but not the Android one (currently SDK2).
Most probably a new version will be released by the end of June (beta) but it depends on many factors and we might have delays.

Note that the camera settings are set to automatic in Pix4Dcapture so that the images are optimally captured to ensure a good reconstruction with Pix4Dmapper. These settings are defined at the very beginning of the flight with the first images and remain the same until the end of the mission (DJI SDK constraint). Please find below the camera settings that are used in our application:

  • White balance: Auto. However in our iOS app, it is possible to set the white balance to automatic, sunny, or cloudy.
  • ISO (auto, 100, 200, etc.): Auto
  • Sharpness: Standard
  • Contrast: Standard
  • Exposure compensation: Default
  • Format: JPEG - Resolution: 4608x3456
  • Anti flickr (video): Auto
  • Exposure metering (average/center/point): Center



About Phanton 3 Standard camera of 2.7k, don’t is listed, can help me?



Hi Cerradinho,

Phantom 3 Standard is entirely supported by our Android and iOS apps.

If you have any doubts on the optimal workflow to follow with the app, you can refer to our getting started:



The program has selected the FC300C_3.6_4000x3000 (RGB) in options, I search for other but not has.
When stating the process, I received a mesage informing diferent camera calibration, is it normal?

Thanks in advance,