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Plans for Inspire 2?

Are there plans for Pix4Dcapture to support DJI’s Inspire 2?

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your interest in our app.

It is in our pipeline to have the Inspire 2 in our list of supported drones with Pix4Dcapture, however, we are not able to give a timeline for this integration. Some brand new app features are currently being developed so the integration of I2 is not the top priority. As a rough estimation, it will probably not be ready before March.




Is there planned support in the works for the X5S Camera to go along with the Inspire 2?

In the list of supported drones it mentions the X5S is Not Tested, also another camera offered with the Inspire 2 is the X4S and it isn’t listed at all?

I also have that question and I would like to know if there is a timeline yet. We bought the Inspire 2 and I need to know. If it is not short term, we will be going for other software).

We replied in your post directly.

We are sorry but we cannot give a more precise timeline than the one above. The support of Inspire 2 could be effective from April. Note that this applies to the Pix4D Mobile application to capture the data, meaning that you can already process images with our software (Desktop and Cloud), we fully support this camera.


I’d love to hear updates on support for the Inspire 2 with the X4s as well. We are about to purchase mapping software, and you are our first choice. However, if we can’t use the Pix4d app to fly and collect with the Inspire 2, it won’t be much use to us.

Please add us to the list of interested parties, if it helps push things along in the development priority list.

Hi Mike,

Rest assured that we are planning to add the Inspire 2 to the list of supported drones. We cannot give you the precise day but as a rough estimation, it will probably not be ready before April. Support of the X4S camera will probably come at the same time.


Hi, I am sorry to hear that the Inspire 2 is not supported yet. Spring planting has already begun in my area. I will have to choose another option for this year. I hope that you can reach a solution by this time next year as we are now at decision time for such. Keep us posted. Thanks 

I’m also interested in your software but the lack of support for the I2 and X5S is a problem. Any update on when this support is coming? thanks.

Hi Jonathan and Ian,

Thank you for your interest.

Some new features are currently being developed so the integration of Inspire 2 is on-hold. As a rough estimation, it will perhaps be ready by the end of April. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee it. Support of the X4S camera will probably come first but X5S will also be integrated.


+1 for support for Inspire 2.  Does the end of April still look to “a go”?


Hi Piers,

End of April for iOS probably and mid-May for Android.

Looking forward to the release, not long to wait now. I use the X5S camera, does that mean I can’t use the app as you mentioned that the X4S will be supported first? What do you mean by “X5S will also be integrated”? thanks,.

+1 for support for Inspire 2. Don´t really understand why you are not up front. Inspire 2 was released in December 2016. Poor management?


Hi Ian and Christian,

As mentioned earlier, it was decided not to have the Inspire 2 in the top priorities regarding the development.
However, new Android and iOS apps are about to be released very soon and they will support Inspire 2 with X4S and X5S.

Note the overlap is computed based on the camera properties (focal length). On iOS, the camera is detected and the overlap calculation is adjusted accordingly. On Android however, this information is not detected and the computation of the overlap will rely on the X4S. Our developers are currently working on having a full integration of the different cameras regarding the mission settings.


thanks for providing support to the inspire 2 in the app update yesterday. Looking forward to testing it now.

You are welcome!

If you test the new version of Pix4Dcapture with the Inspire 2, do not hesitate to post your feedback in the following posts:

Looking forward to hearing from your experience!

I’ll mark the topic as closed, as the Inspire 2 is now supported.