PIX4Dcapture drone description mismatch?

I am planning an upcoming flight for a project however I am not the drone operator on this. I asked the drone op to get familiar with PIX4Dcapture and everything was clear except he had one confusion. As I understand when he was pairing the app to his DJI Inspire 2, it works as intended however his DJI shows up as an Inspire 2 with an X5S camera on it. While he is actually using the X7 camera with his drone. His question being if the fact that it shows an X5S is an error and a concern or if it is nothing to worry about?

The main difference between the cameras is the sensor size, the X5S uses Micro Four Thirds, while the X7 uses an APS-C sensor. Thanks for your help!

Hello @shinelight.entertainment, The PIX4Dcapture app doesn’t support the Zenmuse X7 camera. For more information on supported drones and cameras, visit the below link