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Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro

Hello, all. I am looking to make an upgrade in my UAV in 2021. I primarily do a lot of topographic mapping. I gather images using Pix4Dcapture and process using Pix4D Mapper. I have an Inspire 2 which I purchased at the time when the Phantom 4 was unavailable. Phantom 4 Pro would have been my choice had it been available at the time i was in the market. I’ve had mixed results with the images from the Zenmuse X5S camera on the Inspire 2. A colleague of mine uses a Phantom 4 Pro with, generally, excellent results. I’m interested in hearing about any strong feelings anyone has in regard to either of these UAV’s, positive or negative, in connection with grid missions and processing using Pix4D Mapper. Thanks so much!!

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