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Phantom4 Pro vs Inspire2 X5S

I have tested the Pix4D solution with Phantom4 Pro and Inspire2 X5S. I used the same grid setting in Pix4Dcapture. I think the result of Phantom4 Pro is better. As you can see in the figures below, the result of Inspire2 X5S is more distorted. How can I get the non-distorted result with Inspire2 X5S.

I would have thought the X5S would have been better than the P4P but they are different camera sensors and different lenses.  If you flew the exact same flight plan then the overlap would not be the same and likely contributing to “distortion”.  The X5S has a much more narrow FOV per the DJI website so you have to calculate a different flight pattern to achieve the same overlap % and then you can compare better…and never assume your flight app is doing everything perfectly for you.

P4P is a better system all things considered.