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DJI Inspire 1 vs Phantom 4 Pro for Survey Mapping


I am a surveyor. I am planning to purchase a drone to be used for high accuracy survey mapping. Which drone is suited for this purpose? I am trying to choosing between the inspire1 vs the Phantom4 Pro. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each over the other? How about mavic pro? Should i consider it as well?


I work in a survey and engineering firm. I use a Phantom 4 Pro for our high accuracy mapping. I haven’t used the inspire1 but the 20mp on the phantom 4 pro and longer battery life is what I see as an advantage. the inspire 1 does have alot more camera that it can use, but if mapping is all you are doing I would get the Phantom 4 Pro and a few batteries.

FWTW I agree!

Other possibilities maybe the M200/210 & M600, these airframe support more flexible sensor and nav/data capabilities.

I am a land surveyor, I have both INSPIRE 1 and P4P, P4P is better as it has mechanical shutter than INSPIRE 1 rolling shutter which generates distortion at motion, although PIX4D can correct it.

Arturo Sosa , I also work in a survey firm. I’m looking to buy a P4P to use with Pix4dCaprture. Im looking for a data sample to upload in pix4d to check for noise into pointcloud. We are currently working with P3 and the small size of the sensor is causing noise. Im sure it’s better with the P4P 1’’ sensor but I want to be sure before purchasing. Did you have any small data set that you could share. Thank you

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I have emailed you.