replacement for Phantom 4 pro

Hi, we have been successfully using the Phantom 4 pro images in Pix4D for our mapping project. We need to buy more drones for several locations but unfortunately the Phantom 4 has been discontinued. What is currently the best replacement in a similar price range? I was looking into the Mavic 2 pro but was concerned that using a rolling shutter would effect accuracy. We need 1cm GSD and fly at about 40 meters.

Hello Jerome,

The Phantom 4 Pro V2 has replaced the P4P V1 and the camera specification are the same for both drones.
Also the Mavic 2 Pro can be a good option and the camera resolution is slightly better. It means that the GSD will be a bit smaller compared to the P4P V2 flying at the same altitude.

In any case, you can have a look at our supported drones and cameras webpage to make your choice.

Don’t hesitate to simulate the GSD using our GSD calculator if it can help making your choice.


Thanks Gael, that web page lists the drones supported by Pix4D capture but i was hoping to know which drones are supported for correction of the Rolling Shutter Effect in Pix4D mapper. Is there a similar list for the cameras supported here?

Perhaps they are the same as the Pix4D capture list but wanted to be sure.

Actually DJI discontinued the Phantom 4 Pro V2 as well. Very disappointing because it was a great drone for a good price. I hope the Mavic 2 Pro lives up to it as a replacement. Unfortunately Mavic 2 Pro has a rolling shutter which i am told can cause image distortion problems if not corrected.

The new Mavic Mini is becoming a best seller, so you can buy all Phantom 4 Pro you want or need at a low price. This is my two cents contribute.

Hi Jerome,

A correction for the rolling shutter effect can be applied when processing the images into Pix4Dmapper after an acquisition.

We are not advising a particular drone for image acquisition. We are supporting both DJI and Parrot drones at the moment.


Hi, both drones have similar câmera. But Phanton 4 os best for photogrametry, because mecanical Shutter, said the experts.
I prefer Mavic 2 Pro, because most portable assembley.
Using pix4d and pix4dmapper, are relevent, the result of both drones ?

Mavic 2 Pro
Phantom 4 Pro

I prefer the Phantom 4 Pro and had posted when the 4 Pro had been out of stock for a few years, but now that the 4 Pro is available again so it is not an issue for me.

I have not used the Mavic 2 Pro but i know people that do for professional photogrammetry and they are happy with it. Seems the rolling shutter correction works fine.

I think either will work fine for you.